About us

Our company

80 Rose Garden is a beautiful tale of success. A story of hardwork, and attitude that never look behind.

Year 2009, a small space in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi (India), where wedding carpets were stored earlier was converted into a beautiful work station of fresh flowers. Never thought that within few months, a break through of opportunity would start taking shape of a sweet little success story. And ethics which lead us to head others was:

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Dedication till work completion

Our team

Manmeet K  ( A sharp mind filled with positive attitude toward life )
Ishdeep A ( A learner mind to keep drawing to move ahead )

Profiles does matter:
Deepak K  ( Handcrafted dreams with Seniority)
Santosh K ( Filled smiles to follow Dreams ) "You will always be Remembered"
Vinay K ( Tune efforts to Accessibility )
Aniket B ( A tech which shaped Advance )

Why we say success?

A beautiful timeline - touching life to life and keep filling spaces with our beautiful flowers (specially Roses).
Just to name few would be injustice to gratitude. One thing which is very clear - its only bond of love with our customers which always kept us "heading forward"